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Variable Refrigerant Units

Conventional HVAC systems are big with long duct systems. Generally, they require a closet, attic, or crawlspace within the home to install the indoor unit in. Variable Refrigerant Units are great because they allow architects to design spaces with little hindrance for the mechanical systems. For example, you could create a house on a slab (no crawlspace) with a living room that has a 10 foot ceiling (no attic above) with a wall of glass facing the ocean. How can this space be heated and cooled efficiently? That’s our area of expertise. We might install two smaller air handlers, perhaps one in the ceiling and one in the bookcase with small ductwork systems. We can then take the two air handlers that serve the living room, perform a load calculation, and add two more smaller indoor units perhaps serving the bedroom area (in the back of the house not facing the ocean). We combine the two units serving the bedroom areas with the 2 units serving the living room area and put them on one outdoor unit. This outdoor unit is large enough provide heating/ cooling for all 4 indoor units but small enough to only provide for one indoor unit if needed.

The Variable Refrigerant Units use what is called inverter technology, or variable refrigerant technology. Allowing a system to ramp-up slowly and consistently is more energy efficient that the surge of energy it requires to start up a large conventional HVAC system. Also, the option of heating/cooling sections of the house is more energy efficient. In conventional HVAC systems there is the option of zoning, but the whole system still has to come on. These systems operate to the amount of the load that is required to heat/cool the space.

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